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Here's what he said about his project/s in making -TBU

...It is some kind of simulator I have so far mainly worked on the
physical model. I think it is quite well working
now but it don't use morfit yet and it is not very interesting to see (only
2D charts, home-made 3D visual ellipsoids and a lot of numbers). I'm
currently working on Morfit implementation.

  Alas, I don't find the world builder very practical to build the objects
I need (ellipsoids and other curved shapes); so I am now working on some
kind of shape builder (when I have the time for that) that will fulfill my
needs. Methinks it's a good way to discover Morfit functions before to
attack the game itself. I found it's always a good idea to test new things
before to use it for real; the coding is then smoother, faster and more

  By the way, I'm building a Delphi wrapper using object-oriented code that
would make easier the use of the Morfit functions. I hate to type those
horribly long functions names and to manage all those handles...

  So, nothing show so far, sorry. But when I will have some 3D rendering
working, I shall tell you.

..I'm not working alone on this project. I'm doing the modelisation
and programming work, and my sister, Laurence Mbayo, is doing the
artistic work (3D-objects modeling with WorldBuilder and my selfmade
curved objects builder, bitmap creating, ...).

  I'm not ready to expose more of
what I'm doing. Good to keep some mystery...

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